HAMAS is ISIS - Stand With Israel - Fight Terror

Hamas = ISIS

The barbaric and evil terror organization Hamas has launched an attack on Israel and the Western world.

During the brutal attack, its evil terrorists murdered, raped, and mutilated women, children, men, and the elderly. They purposely targeted civilians and butchered themย  – they beheaded 40 children and babies in Kfar Aza near the border of Israel and Gaza, they burned entire families alive, and they massacred over 300 young people from all over the world in a music festival for peace.

In total more than 1300 innocent civilians have been brutally murdered by Hamas, and thousands are wounded and traumatized for life. The Nazi agenda of the Hamas terrorists has been put on display for the world, they committed worse atrocities than ISIS. Eeven ISIS has never shown such cruelty – babies were murdered in their cribs and beheaded (!) children massacred and burned alive (!) and even family pets were shot dead.

Throughout the merciless massacre, Hamas also fired over 3000 rockets upon innocent civilians all over Southern Israel and Central Israel.

This was a coordinated attack, headed by Iran’s terrorist regime. Iran is the biggest threat to all of Western civilization – they fund terror attacks all over the world, abuse their own people, shoot protestors in the streets, and execute brave men and women who only want peace and freedom. Iran is the “head of the snake”, and they helped coordinate the Hamas terror attack, as well as supplied them with weapons and arms of destruction.

For decades Israel has provided the people in Gaza with electricity, water, supplies, medical aid, and much more, and through these decades Hamas and its accomplices have massacred Jews. This time is different.ย 

These are not human beings, these are not “freedom fighters”, these are ruthless beasts motivated by blood thirst and hatred of Jews. The world must act to eradicate these filthy terrorists and destroy Hamas.

#StandWithIsrael #HamasISIS #HamasIsISIS

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Kfar Aza

On 7 October 2023, Hamas terrorists attacked Kfar Aza, a kibbutz about 3 kilometers (1.9 mi) from the border with the Gaza Strip, massacring all in their path, and abducting several hostages. They murdered children, babies, women, men, and the elderly, in the most horrific ways imaginable. Images of the massacre were published by Israel, and verified by top news organizations from all over the world. The death toll in the Kfar Aza massacre was over 100, all of them civilians, and as of now, it is known that Hamas has kidnapped more than 70 people from Kfar Aza, many of them children and toddlers.

The vile terror organization Hamas tied children together and made them watch as they killed their parents, entire families wiped out, and innocent civilians who did nothing wrong were tortured to death, or burned in their homes. These crimes against humanity are the most vile and evil acts committed by a terror organization in the history of the world.

Shani Louk

One of the victims of the barbaric and senseless terror attack of Hamas on Israel is Israeli-German Shani Louk. Shani, a beautiful and innocent young woman, was a tattoo artist, not a soldier, just an innocent young lady, who came to a music festival for peace with her friends.

Shani was abducted by Hamas terrorists during the murderous rampage on the young people who were at the music festival, she was beaten to a pulp and brutalized, they removed her clothes sodomized her, shot her in the head, and then put her in the back of a pickup truck as they paraded her naked and destroyed body through the streets of Gaza. They spat on her, trying to rob her of her honor. But they can never take it – her soul is with god in heaven, theirs will burn in hell for these crimes against humanity.

Do these monsters seem like freedom fighters to you? Imagine someone did this to your sister, mother, or cousin, would you think you can reason with the perpetrators? This is the face of absolute pure evil – this is the face of Hamas and its supporters.


Fight Against Evil

Please do all you can to help. Western civilization is at war against brutality and evil. Donate to ‘Friends of the IDF’ – help the fight against Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran! The world cannot, and will not, stay silent. Evil never sleeps, do your part and help today, any contribution is appreciated.

The IDF Fights Back

The IDF (Israel’s Defence Force) is fighting against the terrorists of Hamas – and will not rest until its rule of brutality ends, for the sake of all Israelis, and all of Western civilization. This is a fight against evil, this is a fight for freedom from tyranny. #StandWithIsrael